Carthiel co-hosts seminar on boutique firms

Carthiel co-hosted a seminar on boutique firms on 17 January 2013 in Kreugersalen in Tändstickspalatset. The seminar was arranged following Regi’s industry study Law firm of the Year 2012, which gave particular attention to boutique firms.

Martin Salomon from Regi opened the seminar with an account of the year’s results with a focus on the boutique concept. Thereafter Johan Coyet at Advokatfirman Coyet & Co led a round table discussion regarding boutique firms as a complement or alternative to full service firms, together with Anders Forsgren, founder and owner of Rusta, general counsel Bengt Palmgren at AB Svenska Spel, and Louise Eklund, head of development, ALM Equity AB (publ).

The other co-hosts were Marlaw, Öberg & Associés, Landahl and Regi.

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