Bloglovin’ teams with the investors Betaworks Studio & Three Point Group

Bloglovin’ takes in U.S investors Betaworks Studio & Three Point Group, which buy out the Nyheter24 group.

Carthiel, Mannheimer Swartling and Lindahl have represented the parties.

Bloglovin’ has today more than 1.4 million members which use Bloglovin’s web or mobile applications to see whether any of their favourite bloggs have been updated. The largest user base and growth is today on the U.S. market.

Betaworks Studio, which is a New York based company with focus on internet and new media, has made early investments in companies such as Tumblr, OMGPOP (Draw Something), Path, Kickstarter, Tweetdeck, GroupMe and other leaders within web & mobile communication services.

Three Point Group is owned by Bruce Jaffe, a Seattle based angelinvestor and former head of M&A at Microsoft and CFO at Glam Media.

Bloglovin’ and the founders were represented by Carthiel.

Betaworks and Bruce Jaffe were represented by Mannheimer Swartling.

The Nyheter24 group was represented by Advokatfirman Lindahl.